Motion Math Zoom


Introduce fundamental math concepts through play.

Place value and visualization of the number line are fundamental ideas in math that serve as gateways to understanding far more complex concepts. Graduates of Stanford University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program built Zoom to help children strengthen their understanding of these ideas though a simple interaction. I can try and explain the interaction they use (placing numbers on a number line and taking shortcuts by zooming up and down by place value), but it’s easier to just download a free, trial version of the app and have your kid try it out.

The first level might be all very young learners need, but the paid version of the program has many more levels that open up ideas of place value up to the thousands, as well as to negatives and fractions. Zoom is a fantastic tool for helping introduce and reinforce these ideas. My kids enjoy the app and I’ve seen it spark new layers of understanding with numbers. This is intelligent (and moderately fun) educational software at its best.