Carsonellishome Hero

A picture book that explores different types of homes.

Growing up, I lived in many different places so my understanding of home was that it was rarely permanent. For me, home was more about the people I was with and the feeling of comfort than the actual structure.

In Home by Carson Ellis, she explores different types of homes. Home may be a shoe, in the sea, on a road or in a city - each of her whimsical designs explores the beauty and uniqueness of each structure. The book features minimal text with stunning illustrations. Simple phrases like “Clean homes. Messy homes” or “French people live in French homes” accompany each illustration. Aside from realistic homes like igloos and shells, Ellis also explores imaginative homes such as the one "Moonians" might find on the moon. She seamlessly incorporates many different lifestyles (for example, a Kenyan blacksmith and a Slovakian Duchess) while weaving them together into a beautiful storybook. Home explores different cultures, habitats, and home structures while also emphasizing the familiar feeling of home.

Like Tinybop products, Home is educational and exquisitely illustrated. The minimal text leaves room for imagination, and the enchanting images make Home a perfect picture book. If you like Home, be sure to check out Tinybop’s App Homes, which features 4 different homes you might find in Guatemala, America, Yemen, and Mongolia.

Find Home at your local library.