I Am Blop


A world where everything is made from blops.

What is a blop? Whatever you want it to be! In Hervé Tullet’s book, blops are a unique visual language that explores concepts such as numbers, colors, art, and even friendship.

Hervé Tullet, best known for Press Here, is a ferociously creative children’s author. His visual, often abstract, work has plenty of blank spaces to encourage readers to freely imagine and create.

With I Am Blop, he makes new alphabets and pictograms using blop shapes. A blop with an animal pattern represents an animal. A blop filled with a nation’s flag is a country. A blop with missing edges represents the concept of “unfinished.” Lots of small, white blops together mean snow. A fun bonus at the end of the book: a page of perforated blops. Punch them out and release your own little blops into the real world!

The beauty of this book and Tullet’s work lies in its simplicity. One idea, the blops, ties the entire book together. Read this book, and you’ll be encouraged to see the world with blops. It teaches you to think creatively. Why can’t a blop be a cloud? Why can’t it be a house? It is what you want it to be. Now go find your own blops!

Find I Am Blop at your local library.