Imogene’s Antlers


Imogene wakes up to find she’s grown antlers overnight.

David Small’s delightfully cheerful and upbeat illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to his storyline of a little girl, Imogene, that wakes up one morning to find that she’s sprouted antlers. Though her mother panics and hires everyone from a doctor to a milliner to “fix” her, Imogene remains unflappable and cool, using her horns for everything from a doughnut rack (for the birds) to a candelabra (that she adorns while she serenades her family with a piano recital). The next morning her antlers are gone, but a new surprise is in place!

This book has a subtle, but important message of being comfortable with yourself. The character of Imogene leads beautifully, no matter what she might look like. This is a great story for both boys and girls, but has a positive and self-confident female lead that might be especially beneficial for younger girls.

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