On the Same Day in March


Take kids on a weather tour around the world.

When researching a new topic for Tinybop, I like to ask kids what questions they have about it. Even if they have plenty, however, they might struggle to ask them spontaneously.

Marilyn Singer’s On the Same Day in March is perfect for such times. Its concept is simple. On each page, readers visit a new location, meet kids there, and read a poetic description of the weather. Adults won’t be surprised to learn that weather can vary so much around the world, but kids might be. Surprise is good fuel for curiosity.

Singer’s book doesn’t explain why these weather variations happen nor does it say a lot about the kids in each scene, but I’m fine with that. Readers get a little bit less information than they might want, keeping them engaged and eager to learn more.

On the Same Day in March might inspire questions about weather and climate, or about the way kids around the world spend their days. Singer’s book is the entrance to many paths for further exploration.

Find On the Same Day in March at your local library.