Rosie Revere, Engineer


Through trial and error, Rosie discovers nothing should prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Written and illustrated by the same team who created Iggy Peck, Architect, this story follows Rosie, a girl with a passion for tinkering. Rosie is made to feel like she’s not good enough to succeed and, sadly, quickly decides to keep her ideas to herself. Only when her Great-Great-Aunt Rose (yes, the Riveter) arrives expressing dreams of flight does Rosie’s confidence begins to lift, and she sets out a plan of action.

I am extremely happy that this book exists. I became a feminist at the ripe age of seven when a classmate proudly stated, “Only boys can be doctors, girls have to be nurses.” From that point on I’ve proudly announced at any and all opportunities that girls can be equal to boys, especially when it comes to science. My hope for this book is that it inspires all children to realize that any career or dream is possible as long as they are passionate and determined to see them to fruition, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.

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