A tricky biomorphic physics puzzler.

We’re big fans of physics-based games in this corner of the world and Incredipede is one of the best out there. Soon to be an iPhone app (right now you can only play it on a desktop), Incredipede is a puzzle game that allows your kids to create strange creatures with many configurations of lifelike limbs in a variety of finely rendered environments. Kids solve lots of tricky puzzles by controlling creatures that move with startlingly lifelike dynamics. The levels get increasingly tricky and require lots of thought. It’s a great alternative to less challenging games and can be played almost endlessly (even if your child managed to finish all the levels there are still thousands of user-created creatures to play with). Moreso than in many other games, solving the puzzles in Incredipede feels deeply rewarding because they are so tough.

The game is the labor of love of Colin and Sarah Northway, a husband and wife team from British Columbia who write games as they travel the world together.