Smithsonian’s Seriously Amazing


Questions and answers about science, art, history, and culture.

The Smithsonian, the expansive museum, gallery and national zoo system (mostly in) Washington D.C. with collections dedicated to the fine arts, sciences, history and a wealth of global cultures now offers a fantastic interactive site that asks (and answers) questions inspired by their immense archive. Asking questions like, “What animal has the largest eyes?,” “How many oceans are on the planet?,” “Which album by John Lennon won’t be found on the top music charts?,” Seriously Amazing introduces everything from pop culture, to politics, to the nitty gritty of oceanography. The site is fun to explore, and there are questions for any curious kid (or adult). The answers also point you to the museums where the object, artwork, archive or information can be seen in a collection firsthand, for the next time you are at a Smithsonian museum.