Your Wildlife


Exploring the biodiversity of the creatures on, in and around you.

While not geared specifically for kids, Your Wild Life, a site that “explores the biodiversity that lives on us, in us and around us,” is a great jumping off point for conversation. I discovered the site while following an incoming link about belly button microbe biodiversity that features scores of bacteria galleries (apparently the range of microbes in human belly buttons varies much more than anyone expected). As I was browsing some of the site’s projects like ‘Arthropods of our Homes’ and ‘Armpit-pa-looza’, my kids started watching over my shoulder and were immediately hooked. Days later questions inspired by the site keep coming up. “Dad, if I take some salt and rub it in my armpit will I wipe out a microbe army?” One minor annoyance: individual blog posts are missing next/previous arrows, so navigation is clunky. Otherwise, this is a fun, science-driven site that will spark the curiosity of many kids.