A claymation series that follows the adventures of a mischievous penguin.

If you want to watch a group of four-year-olds laugh uncontrollably, show them a few episodes of Pingu. Pingu is a young penguin who lives at home and always manages to get himself in hot water. The stories are simple and relatable for young kids (for example, Pingu is jealous of his younger brother. Or, Pingu doesn’t want to go to bed). Pingu is voiced in a nonsense penguin language that makes perfect sense to kids.

*Note that the original show ran from 1986 to 1998. Pingu was recently brought back by Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment, but we think the new shows don’t have quite the magic or pacing of the earlier shows. The link we’re including is for a set of four episodes that includes both the newer and older shows, but it’s cheaper than a single DVD of the original shows.