The Secret of Kells


A boy must use his artistic talent and a little magic to illuminate the darkness.

As the Abbey of Kells prepares for an impending Viking attack, young Brandon just wants to explore the mysterious woods on the edge of his village. Embarking on an adventure full of whimsical magic and treacherous folklore, Brandon discovers an artistic gift and helps complete the illuminated manuscript, The Book of Kells.

Celtic mythology is woven into the story in a way that evokes a true belief in magic for anyone watching this film. Brandon displays a perfect harmony of faith, folly, youthful curiosity, and courage.

I was personally attracted to this film because of its elegant artwork but was drawn in by the mythology, characters, and underlying lessons – I may have even shed a tear at the end. I was also fascinated by the use of imagination and creativity, paralleled with historical events and artifacts. The Chi-Rho page in The Book of Kells, which Brandon illuminates, is a piece I had learned about while earning my art history minor in school, which made the magic of the movie feel even more realistic and relatable. The Secret of Kells even inspired my own work: I created a personal piece following the plot.