Tell stories with photos, video, and sound.

I’m a big believer in storytelling as a way to ignite the imagination. I’ve found there are always moments of brilliance when spending time with a kid when he or she eagerly invites you into their thoughts. And, though I’ve never wanted to break the moment when deeply entrenched in a story, I’ve also mourned not being able to record these wonderful tales, both for my kid and for myself. When I discovered VoiceThread, an app that easily allows you to take photos, videos, and record audio on the fly, needless to say: I was excited.

To use it, you simply take a photo or record a video while your child tells his or her story. You can either upload pictures ahead of time, or while they’re talking. You can also use the app to snap a photo of a drawing, Each story—with its accompanying photos, drawings or videos—can then easily be shared or uploaded to the web. Every time I’ve used it, kids and adults around me have an “a-ha” moment, watching, with pride, the work they’ve just created.