Firebird by Misty Copeland

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An inspirational picture book for young readers with big dreams!

Almost every child struggles with self-confidence and low self-esteem at some point. When I was younger, I remember getting so nervous before cross country races, big presentations, or even just speaking up for myself. I frequently counted on pep talks from my teammates, teachers, friends, and family to help give me an extra boost of confidence. It is so important to give our children the tools they need to overcome these social-emotional struggles early on. Enter this delightful picture book by Misty Copeland which helps encourage children to believe in themselves.

Copeland made history by being the first Black woman to be a principal dancer at one of the most prestigious classical ballet companies in the United States. Her book, Firebird, tells the story of a young Black girl who struggles with self-confidence and believing in herself. She doesn’t feel that she will ever be as good at ballet as Misty is. Through a poetic dialogue with Misty, the young girl ends up with a newfound confidence in herself and her talents. Firebird is perfect for young children who are daunted by the difference between their reality and their dream.

You can find Firebird at your local library. Social-emotional learning opportunities, like those presented in Firebird, are so important in raising confident, strong children. If you like Firebird, you might also be interested in checking out our app Me: A Kid's Diary which encourages kids to process and reflect on their emotions and feelings.