Me: A Kid’s Diary

No. 5 of Digital Toys


Tell your story.


Your pictures, photos & words

Answer 100s of questions with drawings, photos, text, or recordings.


Your family, BFFs & pets

Make avatars for everyone important to you.

Your likes, dislikes & feelings

Document everything about the world around you.


Your world

See everything you create in one place. 


Me: A Kid’s Diary is a safe space

Nothing in the app is shared or distributed unless you choose to.


Meet the artist

Ana Seixas is a designer and illustrator from Portugal. Her first book for kids is Run Run. She loves bright colors, cats, GIFs, and coffee. Learn more about her in our interview

  • Kid tested

    Tinybop apps are rigorously tested for and by kids ages 4+.

  • Open-ended play

    We believe kids should be able to create whatever they can imagine.

  • Privacy matters

    We take your and your kids’ privacy seriously and we don’t share your info.