Brains On!

Brains On

Podcasts for everyone "serious about being curious."

We’re big fans of podcasts at Tinybop HQ. I’ve whiled away entire days and hours in the car listening to This American Life, Serial, The Mystery Show, Invisibilia, and RadioLab. But it’s surprisingly hard to find great podcasts that are made for kids. Thankfully, there's Brains On! Narrated by kids and adults, each episode dives into something kids wonder about: why and how do jellyfish sting? How can you control your dreams? How does GPS know where you are?

Brains On! boasts that it’s "serious about being curious." And it is! The episodes aren’t dumbed down — the science and the language used to talk about it rises to kids’ intelligence. Kids questions are answered by experts on the topic — astronauts, scientists, and sometimes kids themselves. As a bonus, there’s a good sprinkling of kid humor throughout. Plus, many of the episodes are excellent companions to our Explorer’s Library apps.

If your kids like The Human Body, they’ll love:

If your kids like Weather, they’ll love:

If your kids like Homes, they’ll love:

If your kids like Plants, they’ll love:

If your kids like The Earth, they’ll love:

If your kids like Simple Machines, they’ll love:

You can listen to all of the Brains On! episodes by subscribing to their podcast on iTunes or following them on SoundCloud. You can get all of the Explorer’s Library apps together and save 20% in the Tinybop Explorers bundle on the App Store.