But Why

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Explore and discuss tough questions together. 

Growing up, I was always the kid in class that would raise my hand after the teacher would finish explaining something and ask about ten more questions. I don’t think my classmates appreciated my curiosity too much, since my inquiries would usually extend the lectures a few more minutes than necessary. But this kind of curiosity is exactly what Vermont Public Radio’s podcast series “But Why?” taps into, delving into all sorts of different questions such as Who invented words?, or How does it feel when your family changes?

The episodes are based on questions asked by kids, and explored by the hosts, Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette, who also bring different guests onto the show. I love that kids have such an important role in the series and I really appreciate that they include so many different children’s thoughts about each issue at hand. To me, this conversation that takes place between adults and children tells kids that their thoughts and ideas are important and worthy.  

The podcasts are also great conversation starters. After listening to them together, parents might ask their kids about their thoughts on each issue, and even share their own. You can check out all of the episodes on their website here, or download it on iTunes.