Ear Snacks


Listen to a musical & educational podcast for kids.

Each episode of Ear Snacks by Andrew and Polly explores a new and exciting topic or question — from everything you ever wanted to know about hats, to intriguing and informational conversations about seahorses. This singing-songwriting duo often write their own songs to go along with their podcasts. For example, an adorable song about a tiny dinosaur with a big, big shadow starts off the episode about shadows. The podcasts are usually conversations about something that Andrew and Polly are wondering, and they invite kids, experts, and friends on the show to discuss all of the different subjects.

Not only are the podcasts educational and musical, they’re often hilarious too. Filled with surprising facts and catchy music, Ear Snacks is sure to be a hit on any car ride. You can listen to any of the Ear Snacks episodes on their website, on iTunes, or by following them on Soundcloud.