How to Smile


A collection of free science and math activities.

The opportunity to keep learning makes working at Tinybop fun. We are constantly researching for our apps and investigating different approaches to capturing and sharing information. As both learners and educators, the science activities on have been an amazing resource for us. Experimenting with balloons, straws, and plastic bottles expanded our understanding of blood flow and lung capacity as we were working on The Human Body. Constructing solar ovens and wind turbines extended our cultural explorations of Homes to include scientific investigations about the different energy sources that power houses.

The SMILE (Science and Math Informal Learning Educators) at the heart of the site is a dedication to sharing resources that contribute to the joy of learning. Whether a designer, informal educator, teacher, parent, or curious kid at heart, you’ll find an activity on that you’ll want to explore. The site is an impressive collection of free science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning resources designed by respected, informal science organizations around the country. You can search for resources by topic area, subject, or keyword and set parameters such as age range, learning time, preparation time, and materials cost. Originally funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the site includes lessons, hands-on activities, videos, and virtual games submitted by an impressive roster, including: the Lawrence Hall of Science, Exploratorium, Science Museum of Minnesota, Children’s Museum of Houston, New York Hall of Science, and Association of Science and Technology Centers.