Science Friday


Explore the big issues in science.

I believe everyone, whether they know it or not, is a science geek. Learning about science is really just learning about the the world. The NPR radio show Science Friday is a good jumping off point to get older kids thinking about the science issues of the day. It’s a show for adults, but one that can pique kids’ interest. Science Friday has been on air since 1991, and is available as a podcast, a website, and of course, on the radio itself. The website is a good entry point for kids because it adds visuals and context to stories which can range from reports about ancient whales who gave birth on land, to optical illusions, to cool facts about cacti. The archives are so deep that the site is a great resource for a wide variety of topics.

Just one example of the type of story found on the website that can keep kids (and adults) engaged for hours: Where’s the Octopus?