Stoopkid Stories


A podcast that captures the voices of young Black characters!

Too often, children’s media, and media in general, only shares the perspective of one type of individual. Exposing children to diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and lifestyles is so important in raising kind, conscious kids who will then carry these views into adulthood. We are constantly looking for diverse and inclusive children’s media so I was excited when I stumbled upon Stoopkid Stories - a new podcast focused on sharing the perspectives of young Black characters.

Each episode of Stoopkid Stories follows a different character on a unique, but very relatable adventure, whether it be forgetting to do chores or struggling with allergies. While Stoopkid Stories tackles familiar stories, it does not shy away from more difficult, yet still relatable, topics such as gentrification or racism. These entertaining, imaginative stories written and narrated by Melissa Victor, are a great resource to help foster important conversations with your children. You can listen to Stoopkid Stories anywhere you listen to podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Kidlisten, and Spotify.

For more diverse, inclusive resources please check out this list of diverse children's books that we love. If you have any other suggestions of materials that have worked for you and your kids we would love to hear about them! Please feel free to email us at