The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

Radio Adventures Of Eleanor Amplified

Pursue the truth with Eleanor, a world-famous radio reporter!

In each episode of the podcast Eleanor Amplified, Eleanor, a world-famous radio reporter, encounters new villains who try to spin stories and spread dishonesty while she stops at nothing to foil their crafty yet humorous plans by pursuing the truth. Eleanor takes her listeners from sea to space as she tackles new challenges, sometimes with the help of zany friends.

Eleanor Amplified features humor that will get laughs from any audience –– like when one villain hypnotizes his victims with adorable cat videos –– as well as a compelling and suspenseful narrative. I especially love how Eleanor Amplified incorporates sound effects to form an intimate and enthralling environment. When Eleanor's space shuttle falls from orbit into the ocean, you can hear an assortment of sounds, including tugboat horns, splashing water, and gulping as Eleanor calls a nearby ship for help. This aural environment creates an advanced form of storytelling, yet leaves enough room for kids to use their own imaginations to build a visual world in their minds.

Eleanor Amplified seeks to teach its listeners the importance of telling the truth, having access to information, and "being inclusive of different points of views." The podcast also teaches small lessons such as listening to both sides of the story and knowing all the facts before reaching a decision. For example, in one episode, a villain gets Eleanor in deep trouble by quoting her out of context to the press.

The podcast's narrative captures the spirit of storytelling and old-time radio dramas in a way that is funny, entertaining, and informative. You can follow along with Eleanor's story on their website, on iTunes, and by following them on Soundcloud.