10 podcasts we love that are made just for kids

Ear Snacks

Podcasts are one of my favorite things to talk about with my boyfriend. We love sharing what we learned about current issues, historical events, and funny facts about topics we love.

It’s also a great way to break the ice with a new group of people–it seems like everyone has a favorite podcast that they would love to share. With the rising popularity of podcasts, many parents already have a list of their favorites, but kids should be able to have their own, too! Podcasts produced especially for kids are a great source of creativity and support for improving reading comprehension.

Studies show that kids have a more active creative imagination after listening to radio stories than they do after watching television stories. One study played a radio show for a group of children and found that afterward, they produced more creative and original ideas when presented with problem-solving questions. Other reports link listening to a podcast to an increase in reading comprehension. English teacher Michael Godsey noticed his students preferred listening to a podcast and reading along with the transcript more than listening or reading alone, and the reasons were boundless. A few of his students learning English as a second language said they liked to read the words and “hear how they were supposed to sound."

Whether they boost imagination or help with reading skills, the truth is: podcasts are also simply fun to listen to. On Tinybop Loves, we’ve shared a few of our all-time favorite podcasts, including some that we love as adults, but know are of interest to kids, like Science Friday and Radiolab. But we can’t ignore the growing number of fantastic podcasts that are produced just for kids. Here are our first few picks (podcasts with an * have also been written about on Tinybop Loves).

Eleanor Amplified

Eleanor Amplified by WHYY
An exciting adventure radio series that follows Eleanor Amplified, a world-famous reporter, as she pursues the truth in order to get her next big story. Kids will learn the importance of always telling the truth, making smart media choices, and being inclusive of different points of view. Listen here.

Ear Snacks by Andrew & Polly
In this musical podcast, Andrew and Polly interview kids, experts, and friends to fuel their conversations on a wide variety of topics.Their talks on hats, shadows, and boxes are sure to give kids some food for thought. (They also recently released a soundtrack album of fourteen songs that have appeared on the podcast.) Listen here.

Book Club for Kids by Kitty Felde
Young readers will love being a part of this virtual book club, which features a new book in each episode, along with the author answering reader questions and a celebrity guest reading story excerpts. This podcast is a great way for kids to discover their next favorite read. Listen here.

Short And Curly

Short and Curly by ABC First Radio
This ethics podcast for kids and their parents asks tricky questions about topics such as eating animals, loving your siblings, and telling white lies. The podcast is designed to be listened to alone or as a family as the hosts ask a question and then encourage listeners to pause the episode if they’d like to take a minute to think about or discuss their thoughts. Listen here.

Tumble by Lindsay Patterson, Marshall Escamilla, Sara Robberson Lentz
A podcast that tackles science-related topics, including dark energy, giant toads, and hidden planets in an entertaining and informative way. One of the best things about Tumble is that it explains complex topics in a way that is easy-to-follow without being over-simplified. Listen here.

But Why Branded Core Photo Vpr Raphael 20160401

But Why by Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette
This podcast forms each episode around questions asked by kids, placing their curiosity in the forefront. Parents record their kid asking a question and send it in to Jane, who has answered why the sea is salty, why bicycles don’t fall over, why people have different religions, and much more. Listen here.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child by Bill Childs
A podcast featuring “indie music for indie kids,” including music aimed at kids (like Dan Zanes and Moona Luna) and kid-friendly songs from artists like The Ramones and Ella Fitzgerald. I love that Spare the Rock is a family production with Bill including his children, Ella and Liam. Listen here.

Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian by Jonathan Messinger
This serialized science-fiction story is perfect for kids who already love audiobooks. The host and author, Jonathan Messinger tells the story of Finn Caspian, an eight-year-old boy aboard a space station who travels to new planets and encounters various aliens with his friends. It’s perfect for long car rides or winding down before bed. Listen here.

Brains On! by MPR News and Southern California Public Radio
The hosts on this science-based podcast ask an array of experts to help answer questions such as “Why don’t carnivores need to eat their vegetables?” and “Why are no two snowflakes the same?” And the best part is that a different kid helps co-host each episode! Listen here.

Classics for Kids by Cincinnati Public Radio
A music podcast that introduces Mozart, Gershwin, and other classical artists to children by playing clips of music alongside bits of history and stories behind the masterpieces. Each episode is highly informative, yet concise, making it great for younger and older children alike. Listen here.

Keep an eye on Tinybop Loves as we’ll keep adding more there as we find them. And, if we’re missing any podcasts you know and love, let us know! Email hi@tinybop.com or tweet @tinybop.

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