The Everything Machine

No. 2 of Digital Toys

The Everything Machine by Tinybop

Imagine. Invent. Play.


Dive inside your device

Use a simple programming language to connect, control, and play with all the sensors and tools.

Put the camera, microphone, speaker, screen, gyroscope, and light to work for you.

kaleidoscope machine

Make anything you can imagine

Create something as simple as a light switch or as complex as a kaleidoscope, a voice disguiser, a stop-motion camera, or a cookie thief catcher!

Save and use all of your inventions, anytime, anyway you like.

connect Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad

Play with friends

Connect your device to someone else’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch to play a prank or talk in secret codes.

Add routers and logic gates to make more complicated machines.

how-to videos

Start building quickly

Watch how to make example machines for inspiration! Find more on YouTube.


Get an inside guide

Learn the basics about the parts and find more examples.

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  • Kid tested

    Tinybop apps are rigorously tested for and by kids ages 4+.

  • Open-ended play

    We believe kids should be able to create whatever they can imagine.

  • Privacy matters

    We take your and your kids’ privacy seriously and we don’t share your info.