States of Matter

No. 11 of The Explorer’s Library

Statesof Matter Video Teaser

Experiment with solids, liquids, and gases.

El11 Module Experiment Img

Experiment with solids, liquids and gases

Conduct your own experiments with ice cubes, gold coins, purple soda, helium and more.

El11 Module Temperatures Animated Img

Reach extreme temperatures

Discover how different items react to temperature changes. Can you turn helium into a liquid?

El11 Module Molecules Img

Investigate the movement of molecules

Take a peek at the invisible. How do molecules behave at different temperatures?

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Make screen time family time

Download the free States of Matter Handbook to play and learn with your kids. Get interactivity tips, fun facts, and discussion questions.

Download for free in English.

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Meet the artist

Jeanelle Petrillo is the Senior Designer at Tinybop and the illustrator for States of Matter. She’s been designing since she was twelve and draws inspiration from everyday curiosities, challenges, and wonderment.

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