Light & Color

No. 12 of The Explorer’s Library

Explore the rainbow!

Module1 Vignette

Make rainbows

Experiment with the sun and rain, with prisms and mirrors, and with lasers and flashlights. Dive into the science and beauty of light. 

Module2 Mix Colors Blobs

Mix a perfect color

Explore the color wheel as you mix your perfect blue.

Module3 Ar1

Uncover colors in your world

Harness the power of AR-enabled iPhones and iPads to name and match the colors around you.

Module4 Vision


How does a bee see? What about your dog? How about you?

Module5A Spectrum


How do the colors in your world make you feel?

Module5B Emotions


Module6 Color Zoo

Learn in 50+ languages

Interactive labels in over 50 languages, including Chinese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese — and more!

El12 Handbook Thumbnail

Get an inside guide

Surprise, delight, and support your kids’ learning with The Light & Color Handbook: it’s full of interaction hints to help you go deeper into the science of light and color.

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El11 Meet The Artist Img

Meet the artist

Jeanelle Petrillo is the Senior Designer at Tinybop and the illustrator for Light & Color. She’s been designing since she was twelve and draws inspiration from everyday curiosities, challenges, and wonderment.