Things That Go Bump

No. 7 of Digital Toys

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Unleash spirits. Make Mischief.

Module1 Junk Drawer 2 Background 900

Have you ever heard something go bump in the night?

Perhaps you’ve caught wind of a spirit or sprite.

When the house is asleep and there’s dark all around, spirits from objects awake and abound.

Module2 Kitchen Counter 2 Midground

The spirits are crafty and like to cause trouble.

They’re called yōkai and together, they double.

Mixing and mashing, they’ll join to fight!

Module3 Parts 1 Foreground

Familiar objects and rooms come to life every night, and nothing quite looks quite as they do in the day.

Create your creature, and battle your friends, but beware the house spirits!

They can destroy and they can give life. 

Module4 Home 2 Background 2

Battle, create, and explore in this mysterious house, and slowly you will unravel the secrets of Things That Go Bump with new rooms appearing throughout the year.

  • 1-4 players across iPads, iPhones, iPods, AppleTVs and Macs

  • Fun & challenging for the whole family

  • Intuitive, safe, hilarious kid-friendly design

  • Original sound design & art

Module6 Artist Pic Adrian Fernandez

Meet the artist

Adrian Fernandez is a traveling illustrator from Nuremberg, Germany who captures the contrast of light and darkness in his work to create mysterious and magical atmospheres. He was excited to delve into concepting and illustrating for Things That Go Bump as he’s a big gamer himself and game design has been on his career checklist.