No. 8 of The Explorer’s Library


Explore our solar system.

Blast off into space

Visit tiny Mercury, fierce Venus, friendly Earth, dusty Mars, stormy Jupiter, elegant Saturn, hazy Uranus & mysterious Neptune.


Boldly go where no kid has gone before

Tag along with robotic rover Curiosity, trek over the sun’s fiery surface, and jump into a wild space storm on Venus.


Play on every planet

Hurl meteorites on Mercury, discover diamonds on Neptune, and spin Saturn’s rings.

Play Small

Hold giant masses & vast distances in your hands

Compare and contrast the size and mass of every planet. See how far away the outer reaches of our solar system are.

Giant Small
Jessie Sattler

Meet the artist

Designer Jessie Sattler is also a Technical Artist at Tinybop. To create the artwork for Space, she looked for inspirations here on Earth and throughout history — including the early systems for collecting human waste in outer space. Read our interview with her.

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Learn together

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